Winter Cruise

M.V. Oriana

M.V. Oriana

Our journey began on Friday 16th November when we arrived at the Mayflower Terminal, Southampton to embark on the M.V. Oriana on the Canary Islands and Mediterranean Mix Cruise X220. At 16:46 the captain announced that the lines had been “let go” and we set sail.  At 19:02 the pilot was disembarked, Oriana then assumed a Southerly then South Westerly course and set speed for Cadiz at 19:12.

Saturday and Sunday were “at sea” days.  By 02:00 on Sunday Oriana had completed her transit of the Bay of Biscay and rounded cape Finisterre, and a southerly course was set following the Portuguese and Spanish coast for the rest of the day.  By 12.00 on Sunday we had travelled 446 nautical miles.

19th – Cadiz – Spain  – partly cloudy, sunny and dry.  Temperature: 20°C.




21st – Valencia – Spain – scattered clouds, fine and dry. Temperature 19°C.



Sunset at sea_05

22nd – Palma, Majorca – partly cloudy, dry. Temperature 19°C.



24th – Casablanca, Morocco – overcast, slight breeze. Temperature 21°C


26th – Gran Canaria – Canary Islands – partly cloudy, warm airs. Temperature: 23°C

Gran Canaria_12

Gran Canaria_18

Gran Canaria_17

27th – Tenerife – Canary Islands – overcast, passing showers. Temperature: 23°C




28th – La Palma – Canary Islands – sunny, NE wind force 5. Temperature: 20°C

La Palma_15

La Palma_18


29th – Madeira – sunny, NE wind force 3. Temperature 23°C






1st December – Lisbon – sunny, N wind force 4 Temperature 19°C




4th  – Southampton. Total mileage was 4770 nautical miles = 5485 miles

In summary;

A very nice 17 day cruise, the weather was kind with the exception of the journey from Madeira to Lisbon. A low pressure area settled across the Atlantic which brought with it force ten winds and a six metre swell, so, as you can imagine, a rough ride was had by all.

Just after leaving Tenerife on Tuesday 27th the captain announced that several cases of Noro virus had been confirmed by the ship’s doctor. If personal hygiene is adhered to then the outbreaks can be contained.  We both managed to avoid the dreaded bug by sitting at tables for two and avoiding the self-service areas.

It will soon be time to start on our gardening programme for 2013 and perhaps, just perhaps, looking at the P&O brochures again!

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2 Responses to Winter Cruise

  1. Sheila Kerr says:

    Terrific photographs Bill – I enjoyed the cruise vicariously, and really glad you managed to avoid the norovirus. It is a pretty awful entity which must turn a cruise ship into a scene from Dante’s Inferno.s

  2. Bill S says:

    You are my very first comment Sheila, thank you so much. Pat and I are committed cruise addicts so you do learn how to avoid things like noro virus and the dreaded motion sickness.

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