Applemint Jelly

This is made with white wine vinegar and so good with Lamb or stirred into gravy or try a little on new potatoes.

3lb cooking apples ( 1.5kg)
2 pints water (1.15litres)
1pint white wine vinegar (600ml)
Bunch of fresh apple mint ( I use garden mint)
Sugar to taste

Cut apples into chunks, place in pan with water and vinegar.  Finely chop mint to 4-5 tablespoons – put aside.  Place remainder in pan and bring all to boil until apples are really soft.
Strain through jelly bag for a few hours or overnight.  Measure quantity of juice and add 1lb sugar to every pint of juice.  Stir over a low heat till all sugar has dissolved then bring to boil and boil rapidly to setting point  ( around 15 mins.)
Remove scum and stir in chopped mint.  Cool slightly, pour into sterilised jars and cover.

This is not a really solid jelly and will melt over warm meat. If you like your mint sauce then you’ll love this one.

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