OK, I think I have had enough snow now !!…

Snow-ChairHopefully the weather may improve next week and we will be able to get on with more seed sowing and planting up some bare rooted roses.” My final sentence from last week, sadly, this did not happen. A very cold week with the ever present snow which only left us during Friday evening with one almighty period of rain. Rainfall for the week was recorded at 40mm this was a mix of rain and snow not sure how to convert rain into snow, The barometer is still showing low pressure so I don’t think we are out of the woods yet, however the last two days have been very sunny even thoughit is still quite chilly.
 The garden itself has stood up very well to the snow, however a lesson has been learned. The photograph shows the Damaged-shrubshrub Azara serrata, it’s hardiness rating is between H3 and H4 so a battering of snow did not do it any favours. Perhaps a more sheltered position would have prevented this, hopefully it will recover when I truss it up a bit.

Pleased to report that my seed sowings of shallot and sweet peas have started to germinate so they will now be moved out to the greenhouse. The tomatoes on the other hand whilst they have germinated were having to tolerate very wet conditions, as perlite had not been incorporated into the mix. This was only a trial, the seedlings have been dispatched to a better place. The peat free trial will continue but to date I feel that a lot of trial and error is needed to obtain good results.

My copy of the RHS “The Garden” magazine was delivered today full of good technical gardening stuff. I noticed however that with effect from 1st of January this year the Hardiness Ratings for plants within the UK has been revised, no doubt to accommodate the ever changing climate we are undergoing at present.

This weekend sees The Big Annual Bird Watch as arranged by the RSPB, my pictures show one resident visitor the dear old house sparrow and the Fieldfare which was spotted every day while the snow was here but has now left.

Next week, being the last week of January will see me getting the greenhouses up to scratch and ever hopeful some seed sowing, but don’t count on it.



House Sparrow

House Sparrow

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One Response to OK, I think I have had enough snow now !!…

  1. That is one handsome sparrow! The Fieldfare shot is beautiful. We have tons of snow today and I am in heaven. I love new fallen snow but like you do not like when it smashes my plants. I came home from St. Lucia to find my Japanese Maple on its side. 😦

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