Not much going on…

…in my garden this week as the rain has been incessant.  The greenhouse is all warm and cosy and the seedlings are all progressing well but not much to illustrate at present. I thought I would write about a garden we visited in this week of 2012.

East Lambrook Manor Gardens, Somerset

2012-Feb_005A small fifteenth century manor house contains a twentieth century cottage garden.  This was home to Margery Fish a distinguished plantswoman who, following World War II,  was soon to realize that the days of employing a gardener were over as labour had become so expensive.  It was here that she realized that an informal style of gardening was required.  From the early 1950’s until her death in 1969 she became an advocate of bringing the traditional style of plantings and combining it with more modern plants,  this began her style of cottage gardening as we know today.  Whilst cottage gardening had been around for long time, Margery ‘s style was more easily adaptable to the smaller garden and visitors could relate this to their own gardens.  Even today at East Lambrook the tradition still carries on by mixing the old fashioned and contemporary together.


Note the very narrow paths that take you amongst the plantings.


Snowdrops are in abundance in this garden with many rare varieties.


Spent artichoke flowers add a bit of structure to an otherwise bare garden


Galanthus ‘Spindlestone Surprise’, the yellow snowdrop.  The surprise part is that these bulbs are currently retailing at £25 each.

The winter months do not show the gardens at their best, however, with nearly two acres to stroll around in the summer, this garden is well worth the visit. I should point out that the house is now privately owned but the Grade 1 listed gardens are still maintained mostly by volunteers.

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2 Responses to Not much going on…

  1. TJ Quigley says:

    Looks a lovely place Bill and just over an hour from where I live. Shall have to remember to go there sometime.

  2. Bill S says:

    Hi Tina,
    It is a nice place to visit but I would suggest in the summer months as the herbaceous borders are really the sight to see.

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