Well it’s here….

Primula…Spring that is.  After around three weeks of grey skies and very cold air flowing across the Southwest of England, we have moved into a much warmer period which although still not all that sunny it is very much warmer and that is reflected in our Springtime garden. My Garden Bloggers Bloom Day photo’s give a general idea of what’s going on at the moment, however we are now warming up for the ensuing season, so it’s all hands to the pump to get the seedlings and plants off to a good start.

February saw the start of our seed sowing, tomatoes, chillies , sweet peppers , cauliflowerstomatoes seedlings-001 etc. together with the host of flower seeds that are sown.  The sowing of our salad bowl, beetroot, lettuce, spring onion, and of course not forgetting the bucket of carrots that have just started to germinate, grown in plastic buckets as we do get carrot root fly quite badly. I am fortunate in that my small greenhouse is heated and I have some lighting that has substituted for the lack of sunshine during February so the tomatoes have not faired too badly and I am now providing a weak feed of concentrated seaweed.

03 March Pics_017The pelargonium plug plants that were purchased at the beginning of February have done surprisingly well and not expensive either ! We plant these in large pots as individual arrangements as they do look rather splendid when planted en masse.  We also have had a good result this year with our dahlias and asters, too early yet to sow much else.  A poor result from the gazanias my fault, planted too early.

My trial of sowing seed in peat free compost has, I am afraid, been a complete disaster.  The product that replaces multipurpose compost is not suitable for raising seeds using bottom heat there is a complete lack of any water retentive product added to the compost which is basically  recycled garden rubbish with a few additives.  I added some vermiculite but all to no avail as watering was needed at least once a day, back to the drawing board as they say.

So the roses are pruned, fed and mulched, some tidying up has been done, a plum tree still to plant and the hanging baskets to get ready, Gardening, it’s not boring you know !

2012 cutting seeds

dahlia seedlings-001

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2 Responses to Well it’s here….

  1. Holleygarden says:

    All your little seedlings look great! I need to get my tomatoes going! As I was laughing at your line “gardening’s not boring”, I realized that’s probably why I love gardening so – I can go from project to project and not have to do the same old thing every day!

  2. Bill S says:

    Thanks for dropping by, I have to admit that I don’t usually start my seeds off until early March but I now have the luxury of a heated greenhouse, it does make things that little easier. I have just had a peek at your blog, lots to learn for me there!. You have a passion for Roses as I do, I look forward to the summer months to compare notes and tips.

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