Ne’er cast a clout……

…..till May be out.

05 May Pics_090D50

It’s certainly out now, and what a wonderful display we have had in Somerset this year.  Temperatures are rising nicely for the first month of summer however the easterly winds are keeping the temperature a little on the low side meaning that the more tender plants are needing to be covered at night.

The roses are all coming back and budding up very well even though they were all defoliated by the severe weather we received in March. I am always amazed by Mother Nature and the capability she has in recovering no matter what is thrown at her.  The first rose in bloom as always is ‘Canary Bird’ a large bush which grow as a climber.

Rose Canary Bird

The borders are preparing us for the summer and we are reaping the benefits of our the late spring plants and early summer blooms.

Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia, long spurred hybrids

Our vegetable garden containing  early potatoes, runner beans, sweet corn, garlic and onions are all growing away well.  The large greenhouse is now stocked with twelve varieties of tomatoes and two cucumbers.

05 Jun Pics_002P510

Finally, I thought I would show you a novel way of using a flower pot saucer, Mum and the two children seem to be enjoying themselves.

Mum out with the kids !

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2 Responses to Ne’er cast a clout……

  1. The birds are adorable. It looks like bee heaven there.

    • Bill S says:

      Hi Donna, young blackbirds always amuse me! they are now starting to explore the fruit bushes in my veg patch so netting looks inevitable this year.
      Our bee population in the UK is badly depleted this year so I have made sure that I have many bee friendly plants. Still need to hone my skills in photographing the blighters in flight though.

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