Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 15th 2013

For me, June is the month when the garden begins to reward me for my efforts with feeding, pruning , mulching and the like. A selection of my June blooms;
Azalea 'Golden Sunset' 037

Deciduous Azalea ‘Golden Sunset’ (Knapp Hill Hybrid)

Lilac 'Madam Lemoine'

Syringa ‘Madame LeMoine’



Clematis wilsonii 005

Bee on Chives flower 041

Chives (with bee!)

Azalea 'Kermensina Alba' 047

Azalea ‘Kermensina Alba’

Clematis 'Mrs. Cholmondeley' 038

Clematis ‘Mrs. Cholmondelay’

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7 Responses to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 15th 2013

  1. bushbernie says:

    That Laburnum is just stunning. It’s so similar to our Cassia fistula. I just love it. Your ‘Golden Sunset’ Azalea is just wonderful. What a fabulous colour. I adore the white one too though.

  2. Nell Jean says:

    Spectacular Bloom Day at your place.

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Your garden looks terrific. The Syringa is especially eye-catching. Susie

  4. NorthernTeacher says:

    Fab pics, Bill, especially the bee which posed so beautifully!

    • Bill S says:

      Hi Jane, thanks for the comment, all your fault that I am now hooked on photographing bees ! I have even purchased a Mason Bee nest box which I hope will increase the fruit yields in my garden next year.

      • NorthernTeacher says:

        Glad to hear I have some influence somewhere somehow, Bill 😉 Wanted some bee boxes myself but we have very little sunny area, morning or afternoon, because we have so many trees (it’s only 1/2 acre) and there is no suitable south facing site for them. Having said that, we do have many solitary bees and other pollinators, so they must be living somewhere close!

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