A bit more like summer

Temperatures just tipping 20°C in my part of the world and night time temperatures are around the 16’s what a difference this has made to the growth of my plants and a welcome return to warmer days.

A celebration of three of my David Austin Roses.

Rose 'Munstead Wood' 133

English Rose ‘Munstead Wood’ (ausbernard) a deep crimson Rose, a medium shrub with a strong fragrance.  Munstead Wood was the home of Gertrude Jekyll  in Surrey

Rose 'Lady Salisbury' 143

English Rose ‘Lady Salisbury’ (auscezed), this is the very first bloom this rose has displayed as it was  planted in November 2012. A repeat flowering old style rose with a light fragrance, fades to a lighter pink. The rose was named to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the home of Lady Salisbury.

07 Jul Pics_009_P510
English Rose ‘The Pilgrim’ (auswalker), a pure yellow fragrant rose with a scent similar to that of a Tea Rose. A strong rose and  very upright in habit.  The name derives from Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’.

On the vegetable and fruit front, our harvest is beginning albeit on a slower scale due to our rather poor late spring/early summer;

First early potato ‘swift’

Potato 'Swift' 140

Carrot ‘Early Nantes’

Carrots 145

Gooseberry ‘Invicta’ a culinary variety.

Gooseberry 'Invicta' 138

The flower garden is producing in abundance now, photographs will be published on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th July next.

I think it’s time to sit in my garden and watch my flowers grow with possibly a small glass of red to accompany me.

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3 Responses to A bit more like summer

  1. Your roses are simply gorgeous! I love the deep red colours of the English Rose ‘Munstead Wood.’

  2. Bill S says:

    Hi funflowerfacts, thanks for visiting my blog and the compliment about my roses, a passion of mine. Just off to visit your blog.

  3. Bernieh says:

    Your summer conditions are our winter conditions here! We’ve experiencing around about the same temps right now.

    Gorgeous Roses. I think my favourite is ‘The Pilgrim’. Such a great colour. Your harvest looks pretty good so far, so I hope the rest of your Summer is fantastic for you.

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