Autumn is here

Where did the Summer go? August just flew by sadly I was unable to write up my blog this month. We had hardly any rain in August and the garden suffered somewhat. The most disappointing were my roses which produced only one flush of flowers this year. Following the recent downpours we do have some lush foliage appearing so perhaps all is not lost.

Sedum with nearly complete Tortoiseshell butterfly

Sedum with nearly complete Tortoiseshell butterfly

September has brought it’s usual crisp sunny mornings, one notable exception being the lack of wasps in the garden this year. Our bee population has recovered quite well however, we made an extra effort to provide more bee loving plants this year. The vegetable garden has been very successful this year with of course the notable exception of beetroot which I am still struggling with. Tomatoes, cucumbers, runner beans and sweet corn have all produced exceptionally well.

D50 Sep_009

Our fuchsia baskets always seem to do much better in the cooler days of autumn.

Best of British

A selection of some of the fruits that are still being harvested.

Grape 'Muscat of Alexandria' indoor variety

Grape ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ indoor variety

Grape 'Phoenix' outdoor variety

Grape ‘Phoenix’ outdoor variety

The grapes are the first I have harvested both vines are about five years old, I have my doubts if the outdoor varieties will ripen before the frosts arrive, fingers crossed.

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5 Responses to Autumn is here

  1. dixon says:

    All looking great bill, well done mate.

    • Bill S says:

      Thanks dix, veg and fruit wise it has been a good year for us, however it has been a very dry summer and the borders have suffered quite a bit. The recent rains have started to perk things up so we may get a late flush of flowers.

  2. You really have stunning looking vegetables and fruit. Really picture perfect, with a great taste too I bet.

  3. NorthernTeacher says:

    Bill, if I’d known you were short of wasps, I would’ve sent some your way!! Lovely looking veg by the way 🙂

    • Bill S says:

      Thanks for the comments Jane, much appreciated. I have to say I don’t miss these varmints at least they have not made holes in my apples this year!

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